Maine Joins Texas In Inviting Gun Manufacturers

Mitch Odom
Liberty News

Paul R. LePage is the governor of Maine. Prior to the last few days, unless one is from the northeast, they may have never heard this name before. However, it may become a name many are familiar with in the coming days.

According to the Bangor Daily News, Maine has already invited two gun manufacturers to relocate to their state. Adrienne Bennett who is a spokeswoman for LePage said, “We haven’t heard back anything, as far as I know.”

Of the recent legislation passed in Colorado and Connecticut, along with that being discussed by the Senate, LePage said it was “hostile” and “hysterical” anti-gun legislation. He also said that he “is ready to provide incentives and guarantees” to companies such as Beretta USA Corp., Colt Manufacturing Co. and Magpul Industries…

The article continues at Liberty News.

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Precision Target Rifles-Great HK based, .308 platform, semi-auto rifles. Anyone would be proud to have this factory in their state or own any of their products. A 10 out of 10. Come on down to Texas, plenty of room for a companies like this. PTR needs to bring an ammo factory with them too!!!…

I posted the below on their Facebook page. Please send them a message of support as well.

I just read on The Blaze that you are leaving the state. I live in Connecticut. I’ve been battling AGAINST this gun control BS for … I don’t even know how long now. I spoke to most of our gun manufacturers, as well as gun part manufacturers, and pleaded they stay in the state. But after the latest hearing and the way our manufacturers were treated, God bless you for leaving. If CT feels they are superior enough to pass these asinine laws and expect our manufacturers to tool up to meet ‘their standards’, then they should be intelligent enough to know businesses will leave (and hopefully flip them the bird on the way out). Never mind that CT’s gun manufacturers sell a product that is good enough to take tax dollars from but not good enough to stand behind. After what Chris Murphy said , on top of Malloy’s comments, if I were you, I’d leave as well. You’re taxes pay for these senators/reps salaries … if they don’t support you, don’t support them.

I wish your company all the best, where ever you end up. Maybe we’ll see you in Texas, I’ve been lobbying the husband to move there…

CAJ note: Sen. Chris Murphy, D-CT, asked Fox Sports not to broadcast this weekend’s NASCAR race because the NRA was a sponsor.

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