Robert Stacy McCain and his family flee for safety. Credible threats from leftist terrorist and convicted felon Brett Kimberlin

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Who is Brett Kimberlin and why should we care…

Stacy McCain has left their home in Maryland due to threats from felon and leftist terrorist Brett Kimberlin.  The financial burden of this to Robert Stacy McCain (beyond the obvious stress of the situation) is enormous.  This is how the radical left rolls, by intimidation and thuggery.  If you can help Stacy, hit his tip jar.  Instapundit on The Other McCain’s reporting.

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CAJ note:  Stacy McCain is a self-employed traveling reporter with a young family to support and educate. At his site he is often an ardent fund-raiser for fellow bloggers and now he finds himself in need of help. Kimberlin is supported by people like Teresa Heinz Kerry, Barbra Streisand, and naturally, the Soros-funded Tides Foundation. This is a lot of money for a criminal to have at his disposal. So, if you have a few spare coins, please consider dropping them in the tip jar at The Other McCain.

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Also, at PJ MEDIA: Soros. Why does it always lead to Soros?

Who Warned Us About Brett Kimberlin?

Update: At BackyardConservative, Anne has additional related links.

Update 2: The Big Cojones: Stacy McCain vs. Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin Justice for Aaron and Stacy! No Justice, No Peace! …

Update 3: More to read at American Power Blog. A good place to go for a comprehensive round-up of links, and background about how Aaron Worthing/Aaron Walker/Patterico’s Pontifications have also taken harassment from Kimberlin.

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