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Robert Stacy McCain Twitter 13 Nov 2013



ObamaCare GOOD NEWS: “You can stay on your parents’ policy until you’re 26.” ObamaCare BAD NEWS: “Their policy just got canceled.”

— Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) November 13, 2013




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Update: Churches enlisted as “trusted partners” to sell Obamacare. “God is […]

Don Surber returns to the blogosphere

Thank you, Professor Jacobson

Don Surber 8/17/2013

…The 2012 election did not turn out well.

So roll up the sleeves and roll out the barrel. 2014 and 2016 are ours if we organize and keep faith. Remember they wrote us off in 2009 and in 2010 we surprised them.

America needs us to restore national […]

'This is probably the biggest cover-up in American history – and you’re talking to an expert in cover-ups..'

DaTechGuy 11/2/2012


Sen Fred Thompson was minority counsel during the Watergate Hearings, who asked the famous question concerning the recording system in the White House so he knows from cover ups:

BLUE ASH, Ohio – Former Sen. Fred Thompson today said he was “totally disgusted” by the Obama administration’s handling of the Libya […]

Romney To Obama: “Take Your Campaign of Division And Anger And Hate Back To Chicago”…

Zip Weasel Zippers 8/14/2012

This is the speech Obama’s campaign called “unhinged,” as you can see from the video, it’s anything but.


CAJ note: The editing of this video is by BuzzFeed

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The continuing attacks by ‘tolerant’ leftist tools on conservative women: this time, blogger Moms

Because Darkness Hates the Light – ROLL CALL!

Zilla of the Resistance 7/19/2012

Evil acts against innocent people will not be stopped and will only worsen unless if good people rise up to make it stop.

The same cretins who’ve been committing identity theft against me ever since that Political Moms blogger contest this […]

Aaron Walker Strikes Back

Dan Collins Conservative Commune 6/22/2012

Via Patterico, Zilla in comments, Stacy, Stacy again, Michelle Malkin, Ladd Ehlinger and numerous other people comes the news that Aaron Walker has retained legal counsel and that there is a 501(c) behind fundraising efforts to defend him and other bloggers against the predations and harassment of notorious convicted domestic […]