Schindler’s List Producer: ‘I now fear my government’



Producer believes charges against Dinesh D’Souza are politically motivated

Keith Farrell
The Libertarian Republic
27 Jan 2014

The man who produced the award-winning movie Schindler’s List, which chronicled one man’s struggle to save the lives of thousands of Polish Jews during Nazi reign by employing them in his factories, says he has never been afraid of his own government…until now.

In addition to Schindler’s List, Gerald Molen is also known for producing Dinesh D’Souza’s controversial documentary entitled 2016: Obama’s America. The documentary is anti-Obama expose which attempts to paint the president as an anticolonial ideologue bent on destroying America. If there is a list of Obama enemies (as many have claimed), D’Souza is undoubtedly on it. Now D’Souza has been charged with federal election fraud and many people are wondering if it is payback for the film…

…Molen believes the charges are political retribution, stating “I’ve never had the occasion to think that I had to fear my government. I never had the thought that I had reason to think I had to look over my shoulder until now.”…

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Related: Dinesh D’Souza Releases Trailer for New Movie, “America.”

…The filmmakers behind Dinesh D’Souza’s upcoming doc have vowed to press on while their star defends himself after his indictment on federal charges that he violated campaign finance laws in 2012. On Sunday, they released a trailer for the movie, America, that is set for release on July 4.

America is the follow-up to the surprise hit 2016: Obama’s America, which earned $33 million in 2012 and became the second most popular political documentary in history, behind Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11, which earned $119 million in 2004.

In America, D’Souza — who wrote and produced the film — makes the claim that 1960s radical leftism is more or less indistinguishable from current mainstream liberalism, a doctrine that he says preaches the United States is the product of “stealing and plunder” from Native Americans, Mexicans and African-American slaves.

“I want to take this progressive, leftist critique head on,” D’Souza says in the trailer. The movie will include re-creations of some of the major events in American history…

“America” Trailer from Dinesh D’Souza on Vimeo.


What if Dinesh D’Souza had waved around a 30-round magazine?

Dinesh D’Souza allegedly violated campaign finance laws through a relatively small scheme to have friends donate $20,000 to Republican Senate candidate Wendy Long, who had little chance of defeating Kirsten Gillibrand in 2012. The alleged illegality was that D’Souza would reimburse them, thereby allowing him to exceed the individual campaing donation limits.

It he did it, it’s hard to excuse. He must have known about the campaign limits.

But such small-scale violations of campaign finance law often are treated as civil matters, with fines. When the Obama campaign turned off credit card security features that would prevent foreign donations, it didn’t even get a slap on the wrist.

When the Obama campaign was caught hiding over $1 million in excess donations, it merely was fined


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IRS accused of targeting Hollywood conservatives

The Internal Revenue Service has been accused of targeting Hollywood conservatives, demanding to know all the names of members of a right-leaning group, Friends of Abe.

The New York Times reported the group has stayed behind the scenes and secret, mostly out of fear of backlash from movie executives with more liberal leanings. But the IRS has dragged the group from the shadows with high-profile queries about its members’ meetings with 2012 vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan, as well as other get-togethers with then-Michigan Rep. Thaddeus McCotter and presidential hopeful Herman Cain.

The group formed a decade ago but has been under fire by the IRS for the past two years, The New York Times reported…




CAJ note:  Watch Dinesh’s live debate with Bill Ayers on American exceptionalism on January 30th:
Update: The D’Souza Arrest: Obama Adopts the Stalinist Style

…Liberals should be as concerned about this as conservatives. Foes of jihad should be just as concerned about it as those who share D’Souza’s worries about “Islamophobia.” For the evidence is mounting that D’Souza has indeed been targeted for being a public and high-profile foe of Barack Obama – a development that should disquiet anyone who believes in the value of a stable, functioning republic with a loyal opposition. Pamela Geller notes here that D’Souza is not remotely the only conservative or Obama critic who has been targeted for prosecution, while Obama’s Justice Department has turned a blind eye to illegal campaign contributions from Gaza during Obama’s 2008 campaign. And then there was the Obama Justice Department’s dismissal of the New Black Panthers voter intimidation case.

What’s more, bail for D’Souza was set higher than that given to several people accused of attempted murder, rape, assault, and the like. To whom is Dinesh D’Souza more dangerous than a man who sexually assaulted a teenager, or a man who kept old men captive in a filthy “dungeon”?

This is something new in American politics…


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