Bill Ayers, Declassified

George Spelvin The Western Center for Journalism 3/20/2012

A declassified FBI top secret 50 page report on the Weather Underground Organization (WUO) reveals that Obama kingmaker Bill Ayers became Educational Secretary of the WUO when it morphed into an international movement to replace “America’s imperialistic state” with a New Democracy, which is their euphemism for […]

More About the Attack on Tea Party in North Carolina

Breaking: Radical Union Organizer-Black Liberation Activist Slugs Tea Party Protester in Face (Video) …Update: YouTube Removes Attack Video

Jim Hoft GatewayPundit 6/10/2010

More Hope and Change– Barack Obama gave his marching orders:

Obama: “They Bring a Knife…We Bring a Gun” Obama to His Followers: “Get in Their Faces!” Obama on ACORN Mobs: “I don’t want […]