It’s Their Tea Party and I’ll Crash If I Want To

William A. Jacobson Legal Insurrection 4/13/2010

New Year, same plans to crash Tea Parties in order to create a pretext for the non-stop Democratic smear machine which seeks to paint all opposition to Obama’s agenda as racist and extremist.

We saw this last April, as I documented in my post When Fascism Comes To America, […]

Expose the Party Crashers

“Crash the Tea Party” threatens to try and discredit the Tax Day demonstrations by infiltrating with racist and offensive signs. Turn the tables on them: get pictures of the signs and the people holding them, and we’ll expose them here on PJM.

Charlie Martin 4/13/2010

On Tax Day, April 15, tea party activists plan […]

Crashing the ‘Crashing the Tea Party’ Meme

Moe Lane 4/11/2010

I can’t speak for whether or not the ‘Crash the Tea Party’ thing referenced here is real, or just some dweeb on the West Coast who’s trying to sell t-shirts to liberal racists who don’t want to admit that they’re racists. Honestly, I could see either; one of the gratifying things […]

Group plans to ‘Crash the Tea Party’ with fake racism signs

Instapundit Posted by Glenn Reynolds at 9:21 am APRIL 11, 2010

GROUP PLANS TO “Crash The Tea Party” with fake racist signs:


Instapundit UPDATE: TigerHawk asks some questions. On the Internet, nobody knows if you’re a dog. But Occam’s razor still applies.

CAJ Note: So we checked their Twitter page @tpartycrasher […]