Iranian youths sentenced to flogging for dancing to 'Happy'



Pamalinksy The People’s Cube 9/21/2014

Did you hear? Pharrell Williams is asking us to take a break and be happy. I agree! But Iranian youth who filmed themselves dancing to Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’ were arrested, tried, and sentenced to 91 lashes and 6 months jail time each.

The sentences were suspended, however, […]

Shirley Temple Black, iconic child star, dies at 85

This undated photo show US child film star Shirley Temple. Hollywood star Shirley Temple has died at the age of 85, US media has announced on February 11, 2014. During 1934-38, the actress appeared in more than 20 feature films and was consistantly the top US movie star. /AFP PHOTO



Valerie […]