White House Says Courts have NO Power to Review Obama’s Decision-Making

Dave Jolly Godfather Politics 12/20/2014

…The drafters of the US Constitution purposefully wrote it to keep law making powers out of the hands of the President. Those powers were reserved for Congress who was supposed to do the will of the people, but we know that doesn’t happen anymore either.

The drafters of the US […]

Gowdy on the Enforce the Law Act at Leadership Press Conference

Tgowdysc YouTube 3/12/2014

Rep. Gowdy explains the Enforce the Laws Act, which will be considered by the House today, at the weekly leadership press conference.

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H/T The Blaze


  Update: Rep. Mike Kelly Blasts Obama’s Imperial Presidency On House Floor (video)




At a fundraiser, Obama makes a chilling admission about the courts

Twitchy 11/7/2013

…at a fundraiser in Texas last night, President Obama said his administration is “remaking the courts.”

Here’s the full quote for context via a WhiteHouse.gov transcript:

We were able to reform our financial system so that the likelihood of taxpayer-funded bailouts is a lot less than it was. We were able to expand […]