Last Year President Obama Reportedly Told His Aides That He's 'Really Good at Killing People'

Michael Kelley Business Insider 11/2/2013

This will not go over well for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner.

According to the new book “Double Down,” in which journalists Mark Halperin and John Heilemann chronicle viagra 25mg uk the 2012 presidential election, President Barack Obama told his aides that he’s “really good at killing people” while […]

Time’s Klein: Beck, Palin Potentially Committing Sedition against U.S. Government; Heilemann Adds Limbaugh

Jeff Poor 4/18/2010

Liberals are all too often eager to charge conservative personalities of using hyperbole to gain a political advantage, especially when it contradicts their world view – whether it’s suggesting the Obama administration is taking the country down the path of socialism, fascism or any other -ism.

However, it could be argued […]

Maybe Obama should ask the Palin family about the media

But then, they’re just chillbillies from Wasilla, Alaska (pop. 10,256), not sensitive Ivy Leaguers from Harvard like Barack Hussein Obama.


Mark Halperin and John Heilemann discussing their book, “Game Change” with Charlie Rose. No Obama-bias here…

from Weasel Zippers January 26, 2010

Report: ‘Thin-Skinned’ Obama Says ‘Press Is Against Me’…

Booo-hooo, Obama, […]