Senator Rand Paul: 'Everyone will eventually be cancelled…this is going to happen to the employer policies, also…'

Eduardo89rp YouTube 11/11/2013

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul is again making viagra canadian pharmacy stops in South Carolina. He was joined by Congressmen Mark Sanford and Justin Amash at a luncheon fundraiser hosted in Charleston by the state Republican Party.

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H/T The Free Patriot An excerpt:

“I’m still learning about it. It’s 20,000 […]

Meghan McCain vs. Iowahawk: Dare to take a guess?

Jim Treacher The DC Trawler The Daily Caller 5/8/2013

…I wasn’t rooting for Mark Sanford to beat [whatever Stephen Colbert’s sister’s name is] for that South Carolina Congressional seat, and I was vaguely embarrassed that he got the nomination in the first place. But he won, and he’s not a socialist jailbird like his opponent. […]

Dem Candidate Listed Twice on Ballot in South Carolina Special Election

Daniel Halper The Weekly Standard 5/7/2013

Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, the Democratic nominee for the South Carolina First Congressional District special election, is listed twice on today’s ballot. Colbert-Busch is also the nominee of the Working Families party…

…”She’s been nominated by both parties. There’s no prohibition in South Carolina against that,” explains Chris Whitmire, director of […]

Hillary: Polygamy, Polyamory a Civil Right

Hacked Clinton e-mails: Adultery supported in April 1 announcement.

Jeffrey Lord The American Spectator 3/28/2013


A draft statement for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, released from an anonymous hacker and dated April 1, 2013, reveals the potential 2016 presidential candidate will become the first presidential hopeful of either party to formally endorse legalizing […]