Great news: Federally-permitted lightbulbs a cancer risk

Ed Morrissey HotAir 1/4/2013

Legislate in haste … repent at leisure. In their haste to rid Americans of the unconscionable plague of perfectly safe if somewhat inefficient incandescent lighting, politicians in Washington have forced us to adopt more expensive technology in its place. Compact flourescent lighting (CFLs) are already known to be a considerable disposal […]

Time to stock up on light bulbs

Government ban on mercury-free fixtures takes effect Jan. 1

Editorial The Washington Times 11/26/2011

Within four weeks, it will be a crime to manufacture a 100-watt version of Thomas A. Edison’s brilliant invention. Thanks to a Democratic Congress and the signature of President George W. Bush in 2007, anti-industrial zealots at the Energy Department received […]

Light-bulb grabbers at it again

New labels and mandates an example of nanny-state excess

Editorial The Washington Times 6/25/2010

In the midst of an economic crisis, troubles in Afghanistan and various terrorist threats around the globe, the last thing on the minds of Americans is the light bulb. That didn’t stop the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) earlier this month from […]