Apologize to Israel, Mr. President

David French ACLJ 10/1/2014

This summer, as Hamas was raining rockets on Israeli civilians, storing munitions in civilian buildings, and firing rockets from mosques, schools, and clinics, the Obama administration had the audacity to say that it was “appalled” by Israeli attacks that unintentionally killed civilians, even calling them “disgraceful.”

In response, I observed that […]

Great news: Cities to apply ‘Kelo’ to … mortgages

Ed Morrissey HotAir.com 7/6/2012

If one wanted to craft a strategy to make the home-mortgage market even less stable, increase already-unsustainable public debt, and erode private property rights even further than we have already seen, it would be hard to top a new idea from California, of all places. Two cities have fashioned a plan […]

An Economic Lesson from 9/11

How capitalism helped save lower Manhattan

Ira Stoll Reason Magazine 9/6/2011

…This week, I returned and took a walk around that Chambers Street block, along with a few of the streets one block in each direction. What a remarkable place. Food-wise, the options include at least two high-end Italian restaurants and two low-end pizza joints, […]