Turkish author openly declares that his country will own Europe’s future

Walid Shoebat Foundation 3/17/2012

…A second-generation Muslim immigrant in Austria has authored a provocative new book in which he argues that Europe’s future is Turkish, whether Europeans like it or not.

The book’s short, sharp and confrontational title says it all: “We are Coming.”

The thesis is: “Regardless of whether or not you [Europeans] like […]

Farrakhan: ‘We will not allow such vicious assaults’

Nation of Islam newspaper attacks ‘minions of the synagogue of Satan,’ Glenn Beck, for Farrakhan comments

Madeleine Morgenstern The Blaze 3/10/2012

Beck discussed Farrakhan’s recent warning about a possible assassination of President Barack Obama. Farrakhan has called Obama a “murderer” and “assassin,“ and Beck said his words constitute ”a clear and present danger to the […]

The foreign policy of our community organizer in-chief

Michael Ramirez Investors.com 2/24/2012

The major foreign policy of this administration is to apologize for America. America should apologize. America should apologize for electing a community organizer who is completely out of his depth to be President of the United States. This weekend’s offering:

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Obama: Sharia Enforcer

Robert Spencer FrontPage Magazine 2/27/2012

Madness has overtaken Washington, and the world. Every day this past week has brought fresh reports of more people murdered in Afghanistan over the burning of some copies of the Qur’an at Bagram Airfield. In response, every day new apologies come from American officials. Barack Obama, Leon Panetta, the commander […]

‘I’m Having an Apocalypse Now Moment’

Michael Yon via Facebook 2/23/2012

I’m Having an Apocalypse Now Moment

The insanity of the war in Afghanistan has reached boiling:

“President Barack Obama apologized to Afghan President Hamid Karzai for the burning of Qurans by NATO troops…”We will take the appropriate steps to avoid any recurrence, including holding accountable those responsible,” Obama said in […]

Wilders’ Trial: Win One, Lose One

Robert Spencer FrontPage Magazine 10/14/2010

…First, the good news: public prosecutors Birgit van Roessel and Paul Velleman noted that the statements for which he is on trial referred to Islam and the Qur’an, not to Muslims as people – although they did add in the politically correct observation that Wilders’ statements might nevertheless hurt Muslims’ […]