Mark Levin, Sarah Palin talk with Sean Hannity about Obama scandals, Republicans in DC, more

WATCH: Mark Levin talks to Hannity about Obama scandals, Republicans in DC, and more…

The Right Scoop 5/28/2014

Mark Levin gave a great interview on Hannity tonight discussing both Obama from his speech today, his scandals, and the problem with Republicans in Washington and why we need to take over the Republican Party…



Dem Rep. Corrine Brown: ‘Don’t Confuse Me With Any Facts’…

Zip Weasel Zippers 2/12/2013

Let this serve as a warning to all the young people out there, this is your brain on drugs liberalism.

( — As part of a discussion with voters about Obamacare funding, Rep. Corrine Brown (D-Fla.) told one man, “Don’t confuse me with any facts.”

“This is part of the problem,” […]

Florida senator: Obama told me we can’t deploy oil skimmers because they might be needed elsewhere

Allahpundit 6/21/2010

A quickie but goodie courtesy of The Shark Tank, which wrangled this interview with LeMieux after a meeting of the Florida GOP. I’d be curious to know when, precisely, O told him that we can’t spare an all-hands-on-deck approach with American skimmers — although given the fact that that remains the policy […]