Making it Rain: Obama pumps gov’t money into Ohio

The Washington Free Beacon 9/26/2012

The Washington Post has noticed the outsized attention—and federal money—President Obama has lavished on Ohio.

In the Post’s words:

After President Obama pledged in March to create up to 15 manufacturing centers nationwide, the first federal grant went to a place at the heart of his affections: Ohio.

When the […]

Hudson police investigating possible phone “harassment” of high-profile Mitt Romney supporter

John DiStaso Union Leader 7/26/2012

MANCHESTER — The New Hampshire businessman who appears in a Mitt Romney television ad accusing President Barack Obama of “demonizing” small business owners has gone to his local police after receiving two “harassing” telephone calls and, he says, hundreds of nasty emails.

“It’s frightening to me,” said Jack Gilchrist of […]