Obama: Abortion means everyone gets to 'fulfill their dreams'

Ed Morrissey Hot Air 1/22/2014

“Everyone”? Well, not exactly, but only if you think for more than a few seconds about human biology and the consequences of abortion. The White House put out this statement today hailing Roe v Wade on its 41st anniversary:

Today, as we reflect on the 41st anniversary of the Supreme […]

Canada PM Harper: 'those who threaten the existence of the Jewish people are in the longer term a threat to all of us'

SheikYerMami Winds of Jihad 11/28/2012

Bravo Canada!

While Australia’s Labor loons betray their own culture and civilisation, Canada denounces the savages and stands with Israel. Thank you Canada, thank you Stephen Harper!

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper personally intervened to pressure Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to drop his bid for upgraded status at the […]

Shockah: Romney says Letterman hates him; the women of ‘The View’ are liberals! Campaign ovah!

Watch: Full secret video of private Romney fundraiser

Mitt Romney wanted the full tape. Here it is.

David Corn Mother Jones 9/18/2012

…Romney’s remarks, denigrating nearly half of the electorate, sent the Romney campaign—already roiled by infighting—into panic mode. The campaign hastily convened a late-night press conference to address his controversial statements, and Romney stood […]

Chick-fil-A Day


It went pretty much the way you might expect…

1 August 2012

585,000+ Sign Up for Mike Huckabee‘s ’Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day’

The Blaze readers share their pics from Chick-Fil-A day

Legal Insurrection readers’ Chick-fil-A photos

Huge Crowds, Long Lines at Irvine Chick-fil-A

My Day At Chik-Fil-A

Chick-fil-A Day: Massive, nationwide protest for free […]

Whoopie Goldberg: Communism ‘…a Great Concept…’

Madeleine Morgenstern The Blaze 12/20/2011

…Whoopi Goldberg declared on “The View” Tuesday that communism is “a great concept” that “makes perfect sense.”

Her comments came during a discussion with her fellow hosts about the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, after establishing that his son and successor, Kim Jong Un, had been educated […]

Soros, the Youth, High Tech and the Fundamental Change that is Revolution

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton NoisyRoom.net via New Zeal 2/14/2011

image from The People’s Cube

Over the last couple of weeks, I have heard many ask who was behind the Egyptian Revolution. Few will admit what should be obvious to all by now. Forces that I consider to be nothing short of evil have joined in what […]