The seduction of Chief Justice Roberts

Wesley Pruden
The Washington Times

…His friends say that criticism in the newspapers and on television gets easily under his skin, that he has been for so long the golden boy — Harvard Law, top-of-the-line Washington law firm (Hogan & Hartson), a clerkship for a chief justice (William Rehnquist) — that he imagines he was put where he is now to bask, and buff and burnish the reputation of the court — all the better to reflect a shine and sheen on his own image.

The formula for ending partisanship in Washington — a city founded as the designated arena of partisanship — is simple: Republican and conservative deferral to the greater wisdom and higher nobility of Democrats and liberals. There’s never a suggestion that Democratic and liberal deferral would accomplish this as well. The president who appointed him to the court, and the conservatives who stood up to the media smear machine to help him win confirmation, quaintly reckoned that he would be less concerned with public relations and image-buffing than concern for the Constitution.

Instead Chief Justice Roberts, faced with one of the most important decisions of his career, took a walk into the wilderness (Wall Street Journal), or strolled into the land of the sophists (Antonin Scalia, Anthony Kennedy, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito). The betting here is that, seduced and embraced, he’ll never return.

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…Coulter stressed the historical problem with whisking through these “blank slate” type “stealth” nominees. It appears in Roberts case, according to Coulter, that he was more career driven and wanted to be on the high court more than anything else. One of the ways he accomplished this, writes Coulter, was by keeping his personal opinions to himself throughout his career up until his confirmation. Coulter recently tweeted, since Justice Roberts sided with the liberal half of the court on the recent Obamacare decision, that Roberts would “go down in history as the Warren Burger of the 21st Century.”…

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