‘Together, we will unite America and get this done’

Romney running mate speaks aboard the USS Wisconsin

The Washington Free Beacon


The transcript of prepared remarks is at The Washington Free Beacon.

Also at this site, Five Best Paul Ryan Speeches

Mitt Romney announced he has selected Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate Saturday morning in Norfolk, Va. The Free Beacon has assembled the House Budget Chairman’s five best speeches, in no particular order…

At Instapundit this morning Glenn Reynolds created this comprehensive list of links on the selection of Congressman Ryan.

Romney and Ryan made their final stop of the day in Manassas, VA:


H/T Freedom’s Lighthouse

From Bret Baier this evening on Twitter:

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Ticking off all the right people: Big Labor not big on Paul Ryan Heh!

Update: How Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Tricked the Press

Mitt Romney decided on Paul Ryan on Aug. 1, the day after returning from his trip overseas to the Olympics in London and to Israel and Poland. The candidate and his campaign kept the secret for nine days, according to campaign sources. Romney and Ryan met secretly on August 5th, after the decision had been made and just before Romney submitted to round-the-clock coverage by reporters who had been traveling with him.

The campaign and Ryan even appear to have employed an elaborate cloak and dagger operation to spirit Ryan and his family, under the noses of reporters staking out the Wisconsin Congressman’s house in Janesville, undetected to Norfolk for Saturday’s announcement…


Which means we probably wouldn’t suffer the current level of national security leaks, then? Well, there’s one plus for this team already.

Robert Stacy McCain was at Manassas today, Secret Service Code Name: ‘Dreamy’ .

At Instapundit, “How to explain such crowds if Obama is leading in Virginia, one of the key swing states?” Great photo.

Michelle Malkin, Romney/Ryan 2012: This is what “FORWARD” really looks like

Update 2: “How Campaign Outwitted the 24-Hour News Cycle.”

H/T American Power

Couple of Good Quotes

The political press and President Obama alike claim they want a campaign about big ideas, an adult debate about policy differences. Now they’ve got it in spite of, not because of, Barack Obama…

Even the liberals at Business Insider can’t help but love this young Ryan family. The article contains more photos from the bus to prove, in our opinion, that Andrea Mitchell got it oh, so wrong…again.

Ann Althouse has posted a great family photo and a blurb about the Congressman’s wife, Janna Ryan, of Oklahoma and Arlington, VA.

Nice Deb talks us through the inevitable “Paul Ryan wants to kill old people,” barrage that will hit, starting…

New Obama Attack Ad: Romney-Ryan Want to Cut Aid to Immigrant Children and the Elderly (Video)

See? They are so predictable and never fail to disappoint.

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