Venezuela’s Chavez bans gun ownership and firearms sales

Jim Kouri
Law Enforcement Examiner

In a move sure to make the American gun-control lobby green with envy and Second Amendment advocates wary, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s new gun law, which totally bans the commercial sale of firearms and ammunition to civilians, went into effect on Friday, June 1, a police source in Washington, D.C. told the Law Enforcement Examiner.

Until this ban became law, anyone in that South American country with a gun license could purchase firearms and ammunition from privately owned gun shops or sporting goods stores.

With Chavez’s new gun-control law, only the Venezuelan army, police officials and certain groups such as security and private detective firms are allowed to buy firearms, and then only from state-owned weapons manufacturers and importers.

“It’s gun-control on steroids and its nationalizing the firearms industry. And I’m certain American progressives are envious of both actions: banning gun ownership and nationalizing the gun industry,” said the police source who requested anonymity…

The article continues at the Examiner.

Update‘Venezuela’s Chavez Bans Gun Ownership and Firearms Sales’. “Hugo Chavez was able to become Venezuela’s Marxofacist dictator while it was permissible to own firearms, and now he can do this.”

Update 2: Jesse Jackson: “We will be marching on gun shops around the country.”

Last night in Racine, Wisconsin Jesse Jackson called for a march on gun shops all over the country.

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