Welcome to Massachusetts: The sound of lame-stream media crickets as East Coast Leftists attack Sarah Palin prior to Boston Tea Party

Hateful East Coast Leftists Attack Sarah Palin Before Her Boston Rally… Media Silent

Jim Hoft

The unhinged and hateful Left is getting revved up for Sarah Palin’s visit to Boston this week.

Michael Graham linked to this sickening report from the Weekly Dig in Massachusetts:


Could you even imagine if a conservative rag carried a photo essay like this of Barack or Michelle Obama? It would make international headlines. But, since its just the moose hunter from Wasilla the state-run media ignores it all.

If it’s not a bogus report on tea party ‘racists’, they won’t carry it.

Related… Popular Senator Scott Brown won’t make it.

CAJ Note–As usual, Hoft’s readers leave some really worthwhile comments. And once again we’re left wondering where are the feminists when conservative women are attacked.

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