Obama vows to go after gun rights, admits he wants ‘fundamental change’ to America


…Something fundamental has to change? Like that pesky Constitution?

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President Obama had a busy morning during an interview on “Meet the Press”: He blamed the death of four Americans in Benghazi on “sloppiness, [emphasis CAJ] and called democracy “messy.” But that wasn’t all! He also did some ghoulish politicizing of the Newtown tragedy…

…Remember: Fundamental change.

Forward! Gird your loins, happy warriors.

Read the whole thing at Twitchy.

H/T American Power where’s there’s video if you can stand watching.

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UpdateObama: Chicago Blueprint for National Gun Laws Meaning the hundreds of deaths this year because good people are defenseless?

…Of course, these are facts, and facts don’t matter to a leftist like Obama: a man who still seems haunted by the fact that his one political defeat came in 2000 after a failed gun control push. It was then that Illinois state senator Obama pushed to raise the penalty for illegal transportation of a firearm from a misdemeanor to a felony. But after pushing he skipped town for vacation in Hawaii and the vote failed and Obama was ridiculed.

He entered the White House in 2009 looking to revenge that episode through Fast and Furious. But with Fast and Furious a bust, Obama appears now to be seeking to capitalize on the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy.

It’s not logic that drives this gun grab, it’s leftist ideology and an enormous ego. Republicans in the House and Senate must stop this freedom-crushing push in its tracks.

Read the whole thing.

Update 2: Calling Dr. Frankenstein. DNA of Sandy Hook killer Adam Lanza to be examined for ‘evil’ gene in first study of its kind ever conducted on a mass murderer

The study will be the first one of its kind and will evaluate any genetic evidence for the mass killing of 20 first graders, six members of staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School and his own mother.

Really…what could possibly go wrong?

Also, Gallup: 54 percent have favorable opinion of NRA

Update 3: Chicago Murder Rate Proves That Liberals Don’t Care About Gun Deaths

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