People Joining the US Workforce Today Are Less Educated Than Those Leaving It

Lauren Alix Brown Government Executive 6/18/2013

Things are looking grim for young Americans starting work.

According to a new report on the state of US education from the Council on Foreign Relations, Americans going into the labor force today are less educated than those retiring from it. This phenomenon is unique among developed countries. For […]

This Is What 1,230 Days (And Counting) Of Explicit Market Support By The Federal Reserve Looks Like

Tyler Durden ZeroHedge 1/22/2013

The day Lehman failed saw the launch of the most epic central bank intervention in history with the Fed guaranteeing and funding trillions worth of suddenly underwater capital. However, what Bernanke realized quickly, is that the “emergency, temporary” loans and backstops that made up the alphabet soup universe of rescue operations […]

‘Quantitative easing’ won’t save the nation

Editorial The Charleston Daily Mail 9/17/2012

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s decision to spend a half-trillion dollars a year for the next three years and maybe more is worthy of a new saying: Those who do not learn from history get to relive the 1970s.

For the third time, Bernanke will try “quantitative easing” – […]

Is this just one more way government will decide how to distribute medical care?

Test Baby Boomers for Hepatitis C, Says CDC

Steven Reinberg HealthDay via Yahoo! News 5/18/2012

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention wants all Americans born between 1945 and 1965 — the baby boom generation — tested for hepatitis C.

Most cases of the potentially deadly disease occur in this age group, and most […]

Economist Glaeser: Don’t Plan on Retiring Soon

Julie Crawshaw 21 Nov 2011

Economist Edward Glaeser says rapidly growing numbers of baby boomers aren’t going to be able to retire anytime soon.

“The numbers supply a vivid picture of America’s graying work force,” Glaeser writes in The New York Times.

“Between 2007 and 2010, the number of working Americans over 65 years […]

Quote of the day

11 October 2011


“I like to think that young people today have built up plenty of resistance to the nostalgia of Baby Boomers. The Revolution Chic of my generation-mates is not cute and not cool. It’s embarrassing and dumb.

Think for yourselves, people.”

~Ann Althouse “I […]