Bill Encourages Schools To Teach About Racial Significance Of Obama’s Presidency

CBS Local News Sacramento 4/25/2014

(AP) — A bill that passed the Assembly with unanimous bipartisan support Thursday encourages California schools to teach students about the racial significance of Barack Obama’s presidency.

The Assembly approved AB1912 with a 71-0 vote and no debate or discussion. It now heads to the state Senate.

The bill by […]

Israel tightens airspace security after jet’s disappearance

As terrorism fears grow in Malaysian plane case, Israeli officials increase already-tight precautions

The Times of Israel 3/16/2014

Israel has tightened security in its airspace following the disappearance and possible hijacking of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 on March 8, Channel 2 reported Sunday.

According to the report, security officials and aviation authorities recently held a […]

Muslims outraged over picture of American singer’s tattoo in daily

Top 3 editors hauled up

Rozanna Latiff and Akil Yunus New Straits Times [Malaysia] 28 February 2012

KUALA LUMPUR: THE Home Ministry has called up the chief news editor, managing editor and senior editor of the English daily, The Star, to explain the use of a picture of American singer Erykah Badu bearing tattoos of […]

Interpol accused after journalist arrested over Muhammad tweet

Saudi Arabia used Interpol’s system to get journalist arrested in Malaysia for insulting the Prophet Muhammad on Twitter

Owen Bowcott The Guardian [UK] 10 February 2012

Interpol has been accused of abusing its powers after Saudi Arabia allegedly used the organisation’s red notice system to get a journalist arrested in Malaysia for insulting the Prophet […]

Asian Muslims warn of backlash to French veil ban

Islamic authorities in Asia fear French decision to ban full-face veils could spark terrorist backlash.

Middle East Online 2010-09-15

JAKARTA – Islamic authorities in Asia warned Wednesday that French lawmakers’ decision to ban full-face veils could spark a terrorist backlash, arguing the decision only widened rifts with the Muslim world.

The top Islamic body in […]

Eurabia’s First Halal Industrial Park, Islamic Stock Exchange Planned

Creeping Sharia 2/21/2010

Partly paid through government grants, i.e., taxpayers? It creeps from all angles, at all times. From

LONDON — A British venture capital firm plans to launch Europe’s first halal industrial park, tapping an under-served market worth up to $6.27 billion a year.

“If you look at some figures, the halal […]