Obama calls Marco Rubio ‘boy’: ‘Tell your boy to watch it. He might get his ass kicked.’

Althouse 8/20/2012

He said that to a woman he knew was “close to” Rubio after she said “maybe” to his question “Is your boy going to go for [vice president]?”

That’s one story in Politico’s new e-book “Obama’s Last Stand.”

There’s other interesting stuff at the first link, including Obama’s disrespect for Romney — who […]

Reporter admits going easy on Obama adviser Axelrod to not hurt his feelings. Book: Obama won’t hesitate to go negative on Romney

Alex Pappas The Daily Caller 8/20/2012

A new e-book on the Obama administration says presidential adviser David Axelrod is so popular with reporters that one privately admits to avoiding writing tough stories that would upset him.

Author Glenn Thrush doesn’t name the reporter in his “Obama’s Last Stand” e-book, but wrote that “Axe” is “so […]