Obamacare Taxmageddon 2014 is Here

Katie Pavlich Townhall.com 1/2/2014

When the Supreme Court ruled in June 2012 that Obamacare is a tax, they weren’t kidding. Obamacare taxes and fees set to kick in this year are sure to put a dent in your wallet and in the economy.

The folks over at the Heritage Foundation have put together a list […]

The More Businesses Learn About Obamacare, The More Reluctant They Are To Hire

Wondering why the unemployment rate has been near or above 8 percent for nearly four years? The Federal Reserve has an answer for you: Obamacare.

Sally Pipes Forbes 3/18/2013

Earlier this month, the Fed released its latest “beige book” – a monthly report on economic conditions across the country. The book noted that employers across […]