The sun is setting on the global-warming crowd

Paul Mulshine The Star Ledger 12/2/2010

I guess all the hotels in Moose Jaw are booked this time of year.

That might explain why they’re holding that international climate summit in Cancun instead.

Or perhaps they just don’t like the idea of single digit temperatures as well as headlines in the local news reading “Cold, […]

The great global warming collapse

As the science scandals keep coming, the air has gone out of the climate-change movement

Margaret Wente The Globe and Mail [Toronto] 5 February 2010

In 2007, the most comprehensive report to date on global warming, issued by the respected United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, made a shocking claim: The Himalayan glaciers could […]

UN climate panel blunders again over Himalayan glaciers

Jonathan Leake The Sunday Times [UK] 24 January 2010

The chairman of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), has used bogus claims that Himalayan glaciers were melting to win grants worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Rajendra Pachauri’s Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), based in New Delhi, was awarded up to £310,000 ($500,000 […]

ClimateGate continues: ‘Follow the money, not the temperature’

Roger L. Simon Pajamas Media 1/10/2010

…Anyway, moving along to the real story (money), the invaluable Watts Up With That has been covering the revelations surrounding UN IPCC Chief Rajendra Pachauri that were originally made public by Christopher Booker and Dr. Richard North of EU Referendum.

What has also almost entirely escaped attention, however, is […]