Can you find a defender of the Perry indictment anywhere on the political spectrum?

Glenn Reynolds Instapundit 8/16/2014

IT’S COME TO THIS: Mia Farrow: Rick Perry indictment ‘doesn’t identify a law he violated. Looks like politics not felony.’

Related: Dershowitz ‘Outraged’ by Perry Indictment.

Plus, an extensive analysis from prosecutor Patrick Frey. “Words truly fail to describe what an outrageous and unsupportable abuse of prosecutorial power this is. The […]

Quote of the day–the early edition, in time for your ‘free lunch’

Free Lunch Founding Ideals 3/29/2012

Supreme Court – 03.28.12 An exchange between Justice Kagan and Lead Plaintiff Attorney Clement…

…Kagan pressed further with a hypothetical asking Clement if he’d accept a lucrative job. He said it would depend on where that money came from.

“Wow! Wow!” Kagan exclaimed in wonderment. “I’m offering you $10 million […]