The biggest news of the night is NOT the Christine O’Donnell win…

Da Techguy 9/15/2010

…it is that a Write-in / Sticker campaign for Jim McKenna to get on the ballot so Martha Coakley would not be unopposed succeeded and he will be on the ballot this fall.

The state Republican party did not run a candidate to oppose her, in a year like this it is […]

Is the White House predicting a Coakley loss?

Kathryn Jean Lopez National Review January 17, 2010

I have this Virginia-this-past-November feeling about Massachusetts right now.

If President Obama can’t do the trick, invoke Dr. King

Paul Mirengoff January 18, 2010

At the Boston Martin Luther King Day Breakfast this morning, Martha Coakley argued that voting for her will help carry on King’s legacy. “Chairman Martha” said:

I’m running for the United States Senate because Dr. King’s work is unfinished; his dream is unrealized. Tomorrow we act on the dream […]

After Obama’s Boston Rally For ‘Marcia’ [sic] Coakley, Dems Pin Blame On…Wait For It…GWB…

[CAJ note: Rhode Island, your man Congressman Patrick Kennedy is talking again, and it’s not pretty…]

After Obama Rally, Dems Pin Blame On Bush

By Felicia Sonmez Hot Line On Call January 17, 2010

As audience members streamed out of Pres. Obama’s rally on behalf of AG Martha Coakley (D) here tonight, the consensus was […]

Obama Hits Brown: “Anybody Can Buy A Truck” (Or Can They?)

By Felicia Sonmez Hot Line On Call January 17, 2010

BOSTON, MA — Pres. Obama took the stage shortly before 4 pm to stump for AG Martha Coakley (D) in a last-ditch effort to save Dems’ 60-vote super majority in the Senate, taking a swipe at her GOP opponent’s populist appeal.

“He’s driving his truck […]

Martha Coakley and the anti-American agenda

Ken Blackwell January 16, 2010

If you read no further, support Scott Brown.

In 1804, Thomas Jefferson wrote to Abigail Adams on the free exercise of individual conscience in America, and its indispensability to our freedoms. We may disagree, wrote the Founder, but that disagreement is to be welcomed, not crushed: “I tolerate with […]