Axelrod and PhRMA

Mickey Kaus Kaus Files The Daily Caller 6/25/2012

The left-leaning press should be all over this, no? Evil Big Drug Companies (PhRMA) funnel money to David Axelrod’s old ad firm (which is still paying him for his share) even as they are negotiating with the Obama administration? Hello? Josh Marshall? Arianna? You there? Someone explain […]

Drugmakers Vowed to Campaign for Health Law, Memos Show

Drew Armstrong Bloomberg 5/31/2012

Drugmakers led by Pfizer (PFE) Inc. agreed to run a “very significant public campaign” bankrolling political support for the 2010 health-care law, including TV ads, while the Obama administration promised to block provisions opposed by drugmakers, documents released by Republicans show.

The internal memos and e-mails for the first time unveil […]

What Harry Reid did for the drug companies

Timothy P. Carney Washington Examiner 7/7/10

My column today discusses how hard the drug lobby is working to re-elect Harry Reid. I had attributed the industry’s love Reid simply to how Pharma-friendly the bill was. At Firedoglake, though, Jane Hamsher gives some more details:

How did Reid personally step up? Well, most notably he helpfully […]

Why aren’t health care companies suing over ObamaCare

Obama Watch News 25 May 2010

Today Kathleen Sebelius asked a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of ObamaCare. The suit was filed by Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and will soon be joined by a separate suit brought by twenty other states — but notably, no health care corporations are among […]

GOP lawmaker Burgess seeks documents on Obama healthcare deals

By Molly K. Hooper The Hill 12/16/09

A House Republican congressman is pushing the Obama administration to reveal the specifics of deals it struck with various groups on healthcare reform.

Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas) wants the House to require the White House to hand over documents related to compromises reached earlier this year with the […]

Faughnan: It’s Time for Some Tough Questions

By Brian Faughnan Aug. 18, 2009

Would a Republican president get away with this type of questionable dealing?

The White House has cut a deal with those evil drug makers – the ones who have been charging an arm and a leg for their products, and fighting ‘sensible’ reforms, and generally been very […]