‘Tyranny is color-blind. White or black, it will control. Run, America!’

“Run away from the slavery of tyranny toward the blessings of liberty!”

Runaway Slave YouTube 7/20/2012

RUNAWAY SLAVE is a compelling, insightful look at how government policies have systematically re-enslaved the black population in the United States. Through entitlements and other government programs, a perpetual state of welfare exists, creating what can only […]

Glenn Beck visits the Navajo Nation

Glenn Beck 8/21/2012

Since Restoring Love came to a close, Glenn has been talking about the Navajo Nation and the struggles they face. They are often described as a third world nation within America, one that is ignored by the rest of the country. Over the weekend, Glenn went to visit the Navajo Nation to […]

Glenn Beck’s ‘Restoring’ Love Rally Proves The Tea Party Isn’t Dead

Elena Schneider Business Insider 7/30/2012

Conservative, doom-and-gloom Tea Party icon Glenn Beck says he is on a new mission. A mission for love.

More than one year after his Fox News departure, Beck — accompanied by a gospel choir, an orchestra, an exact replica of the Liberty Bell — made his comeback official this weekend, […]

‘Restoring Love’ Transcript: ‘America is not done’

The prepared transcript of Glenn Beck’s ‘Restoring Love’ address

Billy Hallowell The Blaze 7/28/2012

…Tonight, I charge each of you with a mission. No matter your age. No matter how you got here — or how far you traveled. A mission. To act. To commit. To shape the future.

To do one pure thing: Make […]

Glenn Beck receives the Patrick Henry Award from Horowitz Freedom Center of Philadelphia

FrontPage Magazine 6/7/2012

On May 31st, 2012, the David Horowitz Freedom Center of Philadelphia honored Glenn Beck with the Patrick Henry Award. Below is the video of the event, which includes a welcoming by Craig Snider, Director of the Philadelphia Freedom Center, introductory remarks from Freedom Center President David Horowitz, and then Glenn Beck’s acceptance […]