Does the First Amendment Protect ‘Bloggers’?

The Judge weighed in this morning after a leading Democrat raised questions about what defines a journalist nowadays.

Fox News Insider 5/28/2013

In light of the recent DOJ scandals involving the Associated Press and Fox News, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) raised questions about how a journalist should be defined in this day and age of […]

Pat Caddell Exposes Anti-Fox News Author’s ‘Lazy,’ ‘Clueless’ Reporting

Celia Begelow Big Journalism 1 Apr 2013

Fox News Contributor and Democratic pollster Pat Caddell wrote a scathing editorial over the weekend exposing Gabriel Sherman, author of a forthcoming hatchet-job biography smearing Roger Ailes and Fox News, for “lazy” and “inaccurate” reporting.

At one point, Caddell even accuses Sherman of being too “obtuse” to […]

‘I treat Rupert’s money like it is mine.’

Don Surber Facebook 3/11/2013

ROGER Ailes is an American success story and regardless of what one may think of the Fox News operation he heads, he offered some good advice to his biographer, Zev Chafet.

Vanity Fair magazine excerpted some of that book, including a section where the biographer asked Ailes about his relationship with […]

Fox News, Mercury Radio Arts announce a new agreement

Beck to ‘Transition Off’ Daily TV Progam

Scott Baker The Blaze 4/6/2011

Editor’s note on The Blaze: After a great deal of speculation about Glenn Beck’s future on television, here is the freshly-inked news release. There will be a couple of key headlines out of this…yes, there is a new agreement with Fox News but […]