Politically Connected Shorebank Rescued by…GE?

John Verum Serum 5/18/2010

A couple days ago I wrote a summary of the strange history of ShoreBank, a small but politically connected bank in Chicago. At the time, the President of Goldman Sachs had suddenly decided to make calls to insure it survived. Well, today GE announced a $20 billion commitment to ShoreBank which […]

ShoreBank, Sharia Law and Bank Bailouts

by Central Illinois 9/12 Project BigGovernment.com 3/4/2010

We all know what the words “debt,” “taxpayer,” and “interest” mean, but how many people know what the words “jizya”, “dhimmi” and “Grameen” mean? In order to understand the precipice of disaster that the banking system is resting upon today, one must understand all these words, and then […]