Watch defiant Planned Parenthood president as unedited fetal organ bartering footage rolls

Barbara Boland The Washington Examiner 7/26/2015

ABC “This Week’s” host George Stephanopoulos asked a series of questions that seemed designed to provoke some introspection from Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, but instead she repeatedly asserted that controversial undercover videos were “highly edited” by a “militant” anti-abortion group that seeks to “entrap doctors” who do “not […]

NJ Mother Pressured to Turn Over Her Guns, Charged With ‘Terroristic Threats’ After Reading the Constitution at Tax Dispute Assembly

“If quoting the Constitution makes me a terrorist, we are in Hitler’s America.”


Erica Ritz The Blaze 3/12/2013

​Key Points:

Eileen Hart objected to a state re-evaluation of her property value that would drastically increase her tax rates She read the Constitution at a tax dispute forum and called one […]

Schakowsky: Assault Weapons Ban ‘Just the Beginning’

Joel B. Pollak Big Government 11 Mar 2013

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), a member of the Democratic Party’s leadership in the House of Representatives, suggested to Jason Mattera at a Feb. 13 women’s rights rally that plans for an assault weapons ban and private-sales background checks were only the beginning of a broader gun […]

Democrats Slam Dr. Carson for Prayer Breakfast Speech: ‘Not Appropriate,’ Says Schakowsky Big Government 10 Feb 2013

Dr. Ben Carson thrilled the nation with his plain talk about political correctness, tax reform, and health insurance at the National Prayer Breakfast on Feb. 7. President Barack Obama, seated a few feet away, did not seem impressed–and neither were Democrats such as Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), who slammed […]

Real Unemployment at 19%

Wynton Hall Big Government 8 Sep 2012

Beneath the surface of Friday’s jobs report lies the reality of just how disastrous the Obama economy truly is.

Consider the following 11 economic facts:

1. When you include the underutilized labor figure with the eight million Americans who have lost hope altogether and stopped looking for […]

Warren slurs Scott Brown because of that (R) after his name

B. Daniel Blatt GayPatriot 8/21/2012

Yesterday, at Legal Insurrection, Anne Sorock reported that Elizabeth Warren was playing the “rape card against Scott Brown” even though the Massachusetts Senator was one of the first Republicans to criticize Todd Akin and ask the Missourian to withdraw from the Senate contest…

…To Miss Warren as to Congressman Schakowsky, […]