Victory for Ukrainian Revolution



Red Square The People’s Cube 2/22/2014

Ukrainian revolution has won today and it’s very emotional for me, since that is where I was born and raised. 82 protesters are dead, the president is running, government thieves are being hunted down and brought to justice, communist party headquarters ransacked, and all remaining statues […]

Protesters Just Toppled The Lenin Statue In Kiev — Video Captures The Historic Moment

Michael Kelley Business Insider 12/8/2013

Protesters in Ukraine have reportedly toppled a statue of former Russian leader Vladimir Lenin as demonstrations against President Viktor Yanukovich’s turn toward the Kremlin continue.

The monument was erected in the 1950s when Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union.

This video shows the statue falling and the subsequent celebration…


American High School Band Marches with Hammer & Sickle

Todd Starnes 9/24/2012


A Pennsylvania high school marching band is raising eyebrows with a halftime performance that commemorates the Russian revolution, complete with red flags, olive military-style uniforms, and giant hammers and sickles.

“St. Petersburg: 1917” is the theme for the New Oxford High School Marching Band. Ironically, the school’s athletic teams […]

American Liberalism: The Infantile Disorder

R.C. Whalen ZeroHedge 8/4/2012

“The approach of a great storm was sensed everywhere. All classes were in a state of ferment and preparation. Abroad, the press of the political exiles discussed the theoretical aspects of all the fundamental problems of the revolution. Representatives of the three main classes, of the three principal political trends — […]

Dear Comrades: New Obama slogan, Forward, has long ties to Marxism, socialism

Stable Hand The Jawa Report 4/30/2012


For your reading pleasure: [Washington Times]

The Obama campaign apparently didn’t look backwards into history when selecting its new campaign slogan, “Forward” — a word with a long and rich association with European Marxism.[…]

The slogan “Forward!” reflected the conviction of European Marxists and radicals that their […]

Quote of the day, the #Occupy edition

18 November 2011

A photo from Occupy LA posted by Not Evil Just Wrong on Facebook. Note the fashionable Maoist cap.

Who doesn’t love dictators who’ve slaughtered more than 100 million of their own people?