February 1836

Mercury One Facebook 2/24/2014




On this day in 1836, Colonel William Travis sends a call for help to defend the Alamo against the 5,000 troops of General Santa Ana. Earlier that day Santa Ana called for the Alamo’s surrender but was answered by a shot from the Texans’ cannon…


Commandancy […]

Chris Matthews Admits: Cruz has 30%…Harry Reid Doesn’t Have 30% Behind Him

Elizabeth Sheld Breitbart.com InstaBlog 25 Sep 2013

On Morning Joe, Chris Matthews made a stunning admission. At the conclusion of a discussion about the Cruz “filibuster”, Matthews said that Cruz was playing to his crowd. He went on to say:

We all know this country is balkanized..and he’s playing to that 20%-30%…they’re there and they […]