'Anyone else tired of this crap?'

Steven Crowder LouderWithCrowder.com via Facebook 3/31/2015



Oh, the inconsistencies. Anyone else tired of this crap? LouderWithCrowder.com

Posted by Steven Crowder on Tuesday, March 31, 2015


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…GEORGE WILL: There’s nothing more […]

Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak to the FCC: ‘Keep the Internet Free’

Steve Wozniak The Atlantic 12/21/2010

…When young, I remember clearly how my father told me why our country was so great, mainly based on the constitution and Bill of Rights. Over my lifetime, I’ve seen those rights disregarded at every step. Loopholes abound. It’s sad. For example, my (Eisenhower Republican) father explained the sanctity of […]

‘Don’t Do This To Them’: Rubio Implores Dems To Not Boycott Netanyahu Speech, Spurn Israel

Al Weaver The Daily Caller 2/12/2015

In a speech on the Senate floor Thursday, Sen. Marco Rubio tried to dissuade Democrats from boycotting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech next month.

As of Thursday afternoon, 20 Democrats have announced they intend to skip the address, including Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Pat Leahy and Sen. […]

FBI Asks Congress For Backdoor Access To All Cellphones For Surveillance

Giuseppe Macri The Daily Caller 10/20/2014

FBI Director James Comey is asking Congress to force smartphone developers into building “backdoors” into all devices for law enforcement surveillance– a response to new customer data encryption standards adopted by Apple and Google.

“The FBI has a sworn duty to keep every American safe from crime and terrorism, […]

Where All Mac Users Can Find a Copy of the Constitution

Fred Lucas The Blaze 8/13/2014

Own a Mac? Now there’s no excuse for not being up on the U.S. Constitution: It turns out there’s an electronic copy on every Apple computer.

As Steven Sande of the Unofficial Apple Weblog wrote Tuesday: “Perhaps now that more of those in the federal government are using Macs, we […]

Apple CEO Comes Out for Corruption, Junk Science, and Crony Capitalism

James Delingpole Breitbart.com Breitbart London 5 Mar 2014

Apple CEO Tim Cook has warned climate sceptics and similar dangerous radicals that if they don’t like his company’s green policies they should “get out of the stock!”

As a big fan of vicious, heartless, red meat capitalism, I salute his brazen honesty. For years, I have […]