Obama Calls for End to Catholic Education in Northern Ireland

Kathy Schiffer Seasons of Grace Patheos.com 6/17/2013

Just two days after Archbishop Gerhard Müller, Vatican Prefect, speaking in Glasgow, Scotland, touted Catholic education as “a critical component of the Church”, President Barack Obama stood before a crowd of 2,000 young people this morning and called for an end to Catholic education in Northern Ireland.

“If […]

Chicago’s Archbishop: Obama Will ‘Steal’ Or Close Down All Catholic Hospitals Within Two Years

Michael Brendan Dougherty Business Insider 2/29/2012

Barack Obama’s hometown Archbishop, Cardinal George, has issued a dire warning: if Obama’s regulations on health insuranceare allowed to stand, all Catholic hospitals and schools will be destroyed through fines, sold-off to non-Catholics, or closed down within two years.

He says that the Church will be “despoiled of her […]

Catholic university drops all health-insurance coverage in response to HHS mandate

Ed Morrissey HotAir.com 5/15/2012

Actually, it’s not just the mandate, but also the costs that will drive Franciscan University to bail out of the health-insurance business. Before now, the Catholic institution required all students to carry health insurance; those who did not have them were required to buy insurance through the school. That’s not entirely […]

Vatican Tells UN to Respect Parental Rights and Homeschooling

“In this regard it is important that the natural and thus essential relationship between parents and their children be affirmed and supported, not undermined.”

Alex Newman The New American 03 May 2012

As some totalitarian-minded governments escalate their attacks on parental rights and homeschooling, the Vatican’s delegation to the United Nations called on […]