Hometown paper to Harry Reid: ‘Quit the race-baiting already’

Jessica Chasmar The Washington Times 7/13/2014

Nevada’s largest daily newspaper is telling Sen. Harry Reid to “quit the race-baiting already” after he embarrassingly referred to Clarence Thomas as a white man.

“Harry Reid is the da Vinci of distraction,” the Las Vegas Review-Journal wrote Friday. “The moment any scandal, policy failure or political defeat crashes […]

Tommy 'Dude, that was two years ago' Vietor thinks we are 'idiots'

A brief and painful reminder that Washington is filled with flippant and incompetent halfwits

T. Becket Adams The Washington Examiner 6/13/2014

…Each of these events involves several dead Americans, some in the line of duty, some waiting for medical attention and some waiting for reinforcements that would never come. Very little has been done to […]

PJTV: Disaster Socialism–Why Gun Hysteria Could Lead to Another Expansion of Government

Pajamasmedia YouTube 1/18/2013

Glenn Reynolds talks to Nick Gillespie of Reason Magazine about libertarianism and empowerment of the individual. Hear why the Sandy Hook tragedy could lead to a bigger, more intrusive government. _

'Binders Full of Women' vs. White House Women Treated LIke 'Meat'

Obama Treating Women Like Breeding Animals

Rachel Alexander Townhall.com 10/11/2012

…Abortion and birth control are highly controversial issues, with women divided over their use and funding. Consequently, it cannot be said that they equate to “women’s rights,” which all women have traditionally supported. Additionally, with all of the free women’s clinics around the country, it […]