'UK Tea Party' Surges to Become Country's 'Most Favoured' Political Movement




Raheem Kassam Breitbart.com Big Peace 27 Jan 2014

Nigel Farage’s right-wing UK Independence Party (UKIP) has once again rocked the British political establishment by coming first in a recent poll which quizzed Brits on their feelings towards the four main political parties.

While UKIP hasn’t yet mustered up any elected […]

Barack O’Bully Wants to End Israel

James Lewis American Thinker 6/16/2011

“Racism” is a killing hatred for an ethnos, a people or nation. It could be cold hatred, where you just want all those people to disappear from the face of the earth, or red-hot hatred, where you’re just itching to bring out your Turkish scimitar and start chopping innocent men, […]

Christopher Hitchens: No mystery why Pakistan hates us

Glenn Reynolds Instapundit 6/8/2011

CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS: From Abbottabad To Worse. “There’s absolutely no mystery to the ‘Why do they hate us?’ question, at least as it arises in Pakistan. They hate us because they owe us, and are dependent upon us. The two main symbols of Pakistan’s pride—its army and its nuclear program—are wholly parasitic […]

God-given rights? Not so fast, Mister!

Mike Lester Rome News Tribune via AEEC 12/30/2009

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H/T Jimmy Z Zulz, Facebook

Dublin protesters march against cuts as bail-out looms

BBC News 27 November 2010

…The EU and the IMF are set to lend the country more than 85bn euros ($113bn; £72bn), with the terms of the deal expected to be announced on Sunday ahead of the markets re-opening on Monday.

State broadcaster RTE has reported that the interest rate to be paid on part […]

Sovereignty and eternal truth

Gavin Hewitt Gavin Hewitt’s Europe BBC News 6 October 2010

Tory supporters who are wary of Brussels have had lean pickings from the coalition government so far.

Today the Foreign Secretary, William Hague, promised them that the sovereignty of the British Parliament would be placed on the statute book for the first time. He told […]