Welcome to Next Generation: Allen West On a New PJ Initiative

Pajamasmedia YouTube 1/16/2013

Allen West, Michelle Fields, and John Phillips discuss a new initiative from PJMedia that focuses on the Next Generation of Americans and how we all should stand up for our future and our country.



Join us in standing up for our future at: http://www.nextgeneration.tv



Allen West’s web TV program premieres 4 February

Allen West Won’t Run Against Murphy in 2014 for Lost Seat

Newsmax 16 Jan 2013

Allen West announced Wednesday that he will not be running in 2014 for the seat he lost to Rep. Patrick Murphy.

“My sights and objectives, political and otherwise, are focused on something far greater,” the former Republican Florida representative told […]

PJTV: What the Media’s Not Talking About When It Talks About Benghazi

Pajamasmedia YouTube 10/30/2012

On this week’s Iranian Time Bomb, Dr. Ledeen takes a look at two seemingly unrelated stories, and finds a common link. So what does the attack on our diplomatic post in Benghazi have to do with a story about the U.S. Treasury department offering multi-million dollar rewards for al Qaeda financiers in […]

Irish Filmmaker, Ann McElhinney, is Confronting Eco-Hypocrisy

Stephen Kruiser Kruiser Control PJTV 3/14/2011

Ann McElhinney visits PJTV to talk about her documentary, Not Evil Just Wrong. She challenged Al Gore on global warming, and is challenging conservatives to tell their side of the story when it comes to global warming. McElhinney thinks that many celebrity environmentalists are just hypocrites with supersized carbon […]

Did Ground Zero Mosque Founder Lie to NYC? Is Real Goal Sharia Not ‘Religious Dialogue’?

PJTV 5/27/2010

Former terrorist Walid Shoebat, reveals disturbing contradictions between Ground Zero mosque founder Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf’s English statements and his Arabic comments. Abdul Rauf directly contradicted his New York Daily News article from earlier this week, and, in the process, lied to New York City about his true intentions.

While contemplating the […]

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