Oberstar’s Clean Water Act amendment a federal seizure of all waters?

Ed Morrissey HotAir.com 4/24/2010

Congressman Jim Obertar (D-MN) wants to amend the Clean Water Act after almost 40 years by removing the word “navigable” when limiting federal jurisdiction. Stephen Hayes, Mara Liasson, Charles Krauthammer, and Bret Baier debate whether Oberstar’s measure would simply solidify current federal authority, or eliminate every last vestige of federalism and […]

EPA to Expand Its Power Over Water

by Van Helsing Moonbattery.com December 11, 2009

When the EPA took advantage of the most insane and dangerous ruling the Supreme Court has ever produced by preposterously declaring harmless CO2 emissions — an unavoidable product of literally all human activity — to be a danger to public safety, the power grab was unprecedented in human […]

Real-time democracy and CA’s water for farmers

by Amanda Carpenter The Washington Times September 24, 2009

Instead of waiting around for Congress to pass his legislation to require that all bills be posted online before getting a vote, Rep. John Culberson found a way to start doing it himself.

The Texas Republican recently attended a technology conference and came across a vendor […]

Senate rejects water restoration effort in CA

Earlier tonight, GOP South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint tried to turn the water back on for Californian’s farmers. The Senate voted down his amendment, 61-36. Michelle Malkin has the roll call vote and the video in which California Senator Dianne Feinstein offers “bizarre statement in opposition to DeMint’s attempt to save farmers from eco-hysteria — […]

Clean Water, Yes. Water Rights Bill S 787, No.

By Bill Stamp, Jr., President of the Rhode Island Farm Bureau Reproduced with permission

Rhode Island Farm Bureau

Nothing is more important than having clean water to drink. About the only thing that comes close is having quality food to eat. Pending legislation (S 787) in the U.S. Congress would grant the Army Corps of […]

San Joaquin Water Crisis

Here we go again.

I was watching Sean Hannity tonight (9/17/2009), and have been following loosely the situation in the San Joaquin Valley of California with their water crisis over the small Delta Smelt minnow and its endangered species listing.

The Farmers have water rights to that water. There is no legal water rights […]