Sen. Ted Cruz, Allen West honor our veterans

Sen. Ted Cruz honors our heroes with heartfelt Memorial Day tribute

Twitchy 5/25/2013

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Related: In this video at Next Generation TV Col. Allen West wishes everyone a happy and safe Memorial Day, and asks that we all remember the true meaning of this solemn holiday.

And…Allen West […]

‘The Undefeated’ Trailer – Daughter. Wife. Mother. Warrior.

Andrew Breitbart Big Government 7/7/2011

The much anticipated Sarah Palin documentary by filmmaker Steve Bannon comes out in theaters next Friday, July 15th. People can now see the trailer for the first time. I’ve now seen the film three times and one thing that stands out is how Sarah Palin has always been on the […]

Andrew Breitbart of Join GOProud’s Advisory Council

B. Daniel Blatt GayPatriot 1/20/2011

In another coup for the fledging gay conservative group GOProud, they’ve snagged “Conservative Media Mogul Andrew Breitbart” for their Advisory Council:

“I applaud GOProud’s strong, principled conservatism and admire their courage to defy the left’s stifling demand for group conformity,” said Andrew Breitbart. “As a fierce opponent of the cultural […]

On being out, proud and conservative

My left-liberal experience was of intolerance if you dared challenge political correctness. The right is more accepting.

Tammy Bruce Guardian [UK] 22 October 2010

There’s a little something I noticed in the reaction to my first article here at the Guardian – a question tucked in the midst of the hundreds of pithy and thoughtful […]

Uber-educated leader of the free world (what’s left of it) cannot figure out how to use an umbrella

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama walk through a rainy Columbia Parc Development in New Orleans, Sunday, Aug. 29, 2010, on the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

A Village in Kenya Is Missing Its Idiot*

Tammy Bruce 8/29/2010

*Which is simply a hell of a lot funnier than […]

Emily’s List: Let’s nail Palin in the name of, uh, women!

Tammy Bruce 8/16/2010

We’re Emily’s List and if liberal women aren’t inspiring women anymore, then why should Sarah Palin be allowed to do it!

Yeah, that’s the ticket! Let’s target and try to undermine as many independent Women! as possible to prove that you can stand up for Women! by making sure one […]