DNC scrambles to deflate Obama video before Daily Caller story published; another Obama video released

Alex Pappas The Daily Caller 10/2/2012

The Democratic National Committee — armed with the help of dismissive tweets from a variety of journalists — scrambled Tuesday night to attack The Daily Caller for its videos of President Obama’s controversial race comments in 2007 before the story was even published.

Using comments from reporters speculating on […]

Andrew Sullivan, finally bored with pondering Sarah Palin’s reproductive life, outs ‘The First Gay President’

Barebackers for Barack, UPDATED! — Andrew ‘Milky Loads’ Sullivan Cover Story at Newsweek, ‘The First Gay President’

Donald Douglas American Power Blog 5/13/2012

Read the article at American Power where Professor Douglas includes several links.

Remember this from a month ago: Van Jones: Blacks Will Vote En Masse for Obama Even if He Declares […]

Quote of the day

1 August 2011

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating: conservatives have treated me much better as a gay man than the gay community has treated me as a conservative and a Christian.

~Kevin DuJan editor, HillBuzz blog

Violence and politics merge

Politico Jonathan Martin, Ben Smith, Alexander Burns 1/9/2011

A few days, or at the very least, a few hours – in an earlier era, people would have taken a breath before plunging into a remorseless debate about the political implications of an obscene act of violence.

Not in this era.

Within minutes after a […]

On being out, proud and conservative

My left-liberal experience was of intolerance if you dared challenge political correctness. The right is more accepting.

Tammy Bruce Guardian [UK] 22 October 2010

There’s a little something I noticed in the reaction to my first article here at the Guardian – a question tucked in the midst of the hundreds of pithy and thoughtful […]

Quote of the day


via Michelle Malkin

“…We’ve been seeing a lot of people, across a wide spectrum, who consistently feel the current White House and Socialist-Democrats in office nationwide will manufacture a crisis that allows Obama to declare martial law and suspend November’s elections, declaring himself Lightbringer and, essentially, Pharaoh…

“…it’s fascinating to us that […]