Black Americans from Chicago Speak Out about Life under Democrat Rule

David Leeper Western Free Press 10/28/2014

From, here are strong words from black Americans about life under decades of Democrat-only rule and the need to wake up and vote wisely.

This message may have been intended for American black communities, but it speaks truth to all Americans about the failed promises of Democrat progressive […]

President Jimmy Carter to be keynote speaker at Muslim convention in Detroit

TK Barger The Toledo Blade 8/23/2014

The Islamic Society of North America or ISNA, the nation’s largest Muslim group, will hold its 51st annual convention in Detroit’s Cobo Center Friday through Sept. 1, and will feature former President Jimmy Carter as the keynote speaker. President Carter will talk on the subject of his latest book, […]

Obama Bypasses Congress with Executive Actions on Gun Background Checks

Awr Hawkins Big Government 3 Jan 2014

On January 3rd the Obama administration announced two new executive actions concerning background checks on firearm purchasers.

These come just over four months after Obama last used executive actions to bypass Congress and just weeks after Vice President Joe Biden said the White House was shifting its […]

Rand Paul’s Plan to Rescue Detroit & Break Down One of America’s Firmest Democratic Strongholds

Oliver Darcy The Blaze 12/5/2013

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) will travel to Detroit Friday to open the Michigan Republican Party’s inner-city outreach office and unveil his plan to “help Detroit bail themselves out.”

The freshman senator told TheBlaze Wednesday he thinks the opening of the African American Engagement Office will help the Republican Party make […]

Environmental causes suffer defeats across the country

Michael Bastasch The Daily Caller 11/6/2013

Environmental causes across the country saw defeat last night as voters from Maine to Colorado rejected anti-fossil fuel policies such as hydraulic fracturing restrictions and tar sands oil import bans.

Anti-fossil groups did see some victories on Tuesday night as three cities in Colorado passed restrictions on fracking and […]

The Mower Gang: #Anarchy in Detroit, Part I

Zach Weissmueller Reason Magazine 9/23/2013

We all know Detroit’s in trouble: A bankrupt city full of crumbling houses, abandoned factory buildings, and a dwindling population.

But while politicians, unions, and investors slug it out in bankruptcy court and grasp for their share of what little cash is left, ordinary citizens are left to fend for […]