They Are Coming for Your Children

Teacup totalitarians target Connecticut home-schoolers

Kevin D. Williamson National Review 10/7/2014

Home-schoolers represent the only authentically radical social movement in the United States (Occupy Wall Street was a fashion statement) and so they must be suppressed, as a malevolent committee of leftist academics and union bosses under the direction of Governor Dannel Malloy is preparing […]

Obama Bypasses Congress with Executive Actions on Gun Background Checks

Awr Hawkins Big Government 3 Jan 2014

On January 3rd the Obama administration announced two new executive actions concerning background checks on firearm purchasers.

These come just over four months after Obama last used executive actions to bypass Congress and just weeks after Vice President Joe Biden said the White House was shifting its […]

Christie Signs 10 Gun Control Bills

Matt Rooney The Save Jersey Blog 8/8/2013

Well, this post doesn’t require extra commentary from me, Save Jerseyans. At least not today. The Governor has repeatedly said that we have “enough” gun laws in New Jersey, but here’s ten more. What could I add that you aren’t already thinking?

For now, a signing statement for […]

Chris Christie Unveils Sweeping Gun Control Plans

Kevin McArdle New Jersey 101.5 4/19/2013

Gov. Chris Christie unveiled gun control and violence prevention measures that are as comprehensive as they are ambitious.

Christie acknowledges there is no way to prevent all violence in our society, but he says it is the job of government to question, to scrutinize and to demand more in […]

More kids missing dads in Connecticut

Suzanne Bates Raising Hale 2/5/2013

The number of children raised in single-parent homes is on the rise in Connecticut, especially in the state’s biggest cities.

Statewide the number of children living with single moms went up five percent over the past ten years, from 19 percent to 24 percent, according to census data.

In Hartford […]

Proposed Connecticut Bill Mandates Mental Health Assessments for Homeschooled Children

Heather Clark Christian News Network 2/6/2013

A national homeschooling organization is sounding the alarm against a bill proposed in the Connecticut legislature which would require both public school and homeschooled children to undergo a behavioral health assessment at various stages of child development.

Bill 374, proposed in the General Assembly by sponsors Senator Toni Harp […]