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22 January 2014



Now Wendy Davis Attacks a Paraplegic http://t.co/GopRNuhU9i via @ewerickson Davis is a victim and Palin was the idiot? Right…

— Nathan Stone (@nes_nathan) January 22, 2014



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…Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis said her opponent, Greg Abbott, hadn’t “walked a day in my shoes.” Abbott […]

Don Lemon With Suggestions for the Black Community

Patterico Patterico’s Pontifications 7/28/2013



dress nicely. use appropriate language. keep ur surroundings clean. go to school. be responsible, involved parents. That’s offensive? SMH

— Don Lemon (@DonLemonCNN) July 28, 2013




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Obama: ‘There Will Never Be a Substitute For’ Fathers; Obama’s DOJ: Children Don’t Need Fathers

Terence P. Jeffrey CNS News 6/15/2013

President Barack Obama, who favors legalized same-sex marriage and whose Justice Department is arguing in the Supreme Court that children need neither a father nor a mother, said today in a weekly address celebrating the Father’s Day weekend that “there will never be a substitute for” a father and […]

Michelle Obama calls herself a ‘busy single mother’

CBS News 4/4/2013

During an interview with Burlington, Vt. CBS affiliate WCAX, first lady Michelle Obama described herself as a “busy single mother” before quickly correcting herself, explaining, “Sometimes when you’ve got the husband who’s president, it can feel a little single, but he’s there.”




Update: FLOTUS flub: Michelle Obama accidentally […]

Our Real Problem Is Cultural Decay, Not Guns

Walter E. Williams Investors.com 2/12/2013

…Last year, Chicago had 512 homicides; Detroit had 411; Philadelphia had 331; and Baltimore had 215.

Those cities are joined by other dangerous cities—such as St. Louis, Memphis, Tenn., Flint, Mich., and Camden, N.J. — and they also lead the nation in shootings, assaults, rapes and robberies.

Both the populations […]

More kids missing dads in Connecticut

Suzanne Bates Raising Hale 2/5/2013

The number of children raised in single-parent homes is on the rise in Connecticut, especially in the state’s biggest cities.

Statewide the number of children living with single moms went up five percent over the past ten years, from 19 percent to 24 percent, according to census data.

In Hartford […]