New York City Buildings Department Hits Hurricane Sandy Victims With Housing Violations for Damaged Homes 11/19/2012

Breezy Point, New York was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. And, now the Buildings Department is adding insult to injury by hitting already shell-shocked homeowners in the Queens neighborhood with housing violations!

Eric Shawn reports that many homeowners have returned to their damaged homes to find stickers on their doors threatening criminal prosecution for […]

Obama Praises His Response To Hurricane Sandy

“It’s Been Aggressive, Strong, Fast And Robust”…

Zip Weasel Zippers 11/14/2012

Tell that to the millions still without power in NY and NJ.


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Racist Media: Ignoring The Devastation On Cracker Island

Two weeks into the […]

Franklin Graham Visits New York

The Samaritan’s Purse president tells homeowners affected by Hurricane Sandy that God has not forgotten them



Samaritans Purse 11/13/2012

Samaritan’s Purse President Franklin Graham visited our work site in Lynbrook, New York, on Tuesday, meeting homeowners impacted by Hurricane Sandy and volunteers who have come to help in the Name of Jesus.


‘Katrina’ on the Hudson

Katrina or Sandy? Late warnings, confused and inadequate responses, FEMA foul-ups and suffering refugees.

Glenn Harlan Reynolds USA Today 11/12/2012

Is the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy turning into Katrina-on-the-Hudson? Pretty much, and that tells us some things about Sandy, and Katrina, and the press…

…late warnings, confused and inadequate responses, FEMA foul-ups and suffering refugees. […]

NewsBusters corrects Hurricane Sandy article via Facebook 11/5/2012

Correction: A local CBS affiliate in Alabama recently reported that non-union crews were turned away from aiding in New Jersey. We showed you a clip from their show.

It appears their reporting was false. Utility crews from Alabama were not turned away from aid work by unions in New Jersey.


Giuliani BLASTS Obama’s hurricane response as disgraceful

Where the hell are the generators and the bottled water?

The Right Scoop 11/5/2012

Rudy Giuliani, who knows a little something about disaster recovery and emergency response, says that if George W. Bush was doing what our campaigner-in-chief is doing while people don’t have water and generators nearly a week after the hurricane, the media […]